Zorelit.io space shooter is out!

19 Mar 2018

The multiplayer space shooter game, that we worked on so long, is finally published! We did it. There always will be that last thing that you have to do. But there has to be a moment, when you have enough courage, and despite all of the imperfections, just take a big breath and publish. There are always those who do not like what you did. Those who would like to change something in your work. [...]

Polar Olympics

18 Mar 2018

Are you bored? Do you like to have fun? Would you like to be the best and beat your friends with your skills? Then you should not miss this game! Easy to play arcade game for smartphones and tablets. It is as simple as touch. Amazing single device multiplayer hotseat one screen. Up to 4 players on one device. !!! From now, the game includes a single player mode with puzzle levels, to feed your brains. [...]


18 Mar 2018

Game inspired by Battle City and powered by Godot 3.0 When I was a kid, the Battle City was my favorite game. We played it together with my younger brother. It was inspiring for me, to do the clone of this game now. To finally have enough skills to do this on my own. And there you go. The game that give me joy when I played it so long ago, give me joy again, and now as my own creature. [...]

Anura the Slow-mo Frog

17 Mar 2018

Small game about the frog. Hungry frog. Feed this frog, by control the tongue and catch as many flies as you can. But beware of red ones, they stinging. And do not ask me about the spiders. To have enough precision, you will control the tongue in the slow motion. This will help. The idea of this game came to me while walking around the city. After a few days I got bored, and decided to try to realize the idea. [...]

Babylon Tower

14 Apr 2017

ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN… That is the first game that I actually finished and published. It is small and simple, but it was big for me, to finish the project. It is a second version, and first one was made in Blender Game Engine. That first one is 3d and look similar to original puzzle. But then I started to learn Godot and decided to do a remake in 2D. [...]