Anura the Slow-mo Frog
17 Mar 2018

Small game about the frog. Hungry frog. Feed this frog, by control the tongue and catch as many flies as you can. But beware of red ones, they stinging. And do not ask me about the spiders. To have enough precision, you will control the tongue in the slow motion. This will help.

The idea of this game came to me while walking around the city. After a few days I got bored, and decided to try to realize the idea. A few hours later there was a working prototype. If so, this game could be developed into something more, but I decided to finish as quickly as I started.

The game is actually based on classic Snake game. But instead of controlling the snake, that grows with every meal, you control the tongue of the frog in slow motion.

To do this on pc, you can use Space-button to start and stop movement, and arrow keys to change direction. On mobile device you can press on frog’s tummy to start and stop movement, and use swipe, to change directions.

Speed of the tongue movement is linked to number of flies, that you eat. With more higher score come big troubles 😉

Red bugs, that is wasps. They will sting you, if you touch it. And your score will go down to zero. The same with spiders. And do not go to far from the screen with your tongue. Also, like in classic Snake game, if you hit your “tail”, you lose. Your tongue will knotted in a knot and score will go zero.

With all that, have fun and take highest score